Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

The Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition collaborates on initiatives that improve cross-regional transportation operations in support of regional economic competitiveness and improved quality of life.

This megaregion transportation approach addresses the challenges related to traffic congestion and an aging infrastructure on a large-scale, collective and consensus basis. Member agencies benefit in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Access to key decision and policymakers
  • Access to transportation data with coordinated management
  • Improved access to federal funding for projects
  • Improved operational coordination and customer focus
  • Improved workzone operational coordination

Strategies and action plans designed to achieve our goals include:

  • Efficient freight operations
  • Reliable mobility
  • Traffic Incident Management (TIM) & Emergency Traffic Operations (ETO)

Current GLRTOC initiatives and activities include:

  • Fall-Winter weather multistate virtual tabletop
  • January interstate highway annual workzone preview
  • Multistate ETO traveler alerts
  • Megaregion corridor performance reporting
  • Monthly operational coordination meeting

The TOPS Laboratory provides on-going technical and administrative assistance to the coalition.

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