• 25 Jan 2017

    Driverless Cars

    The DOT's exciting decision to choose the University of Wisconsin as an institute for researching this groundbreaking technology is part of a long-term project to eventually make automated cars available to the public. . . [Read More]
  • 6 Jun 2015

    2014 Patricia Waller Paper Award

    Researchers from the TOPS Lab were awarded the 2014 Patricia Waller Paper Award for the best paper in Safety and System Users Group by the Transportation Research Board. . . [Read More]
  • 28 Aug 2013

    Remembering Dr. Arthur Hawnn

    Dr. Arthur Hawnn entered eternal rest on September 12, 2012. Arthur was born in Korea and was an interpreter for the U.S. during the Korean War. Arthur met a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire professor during the war, who offered to help him get into the University of Wisconsin if he was able to get to the U.S. . . [Read More]
  • Aug 2013

    WisTransPortal Next Generation Enhancements

    The WisTransPortal system has been developed through ongoing collaboration between TOPS Lab and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Bureau of Traffic Operations (BTO) to support traffic operations and safety data management and data integration objectives. Starting out in 2003 as an Archived Data Management System for ITS traffic detector data, the WisTransPortal has evolved to support a range of real-time and archived data applications that are used extensively by WisDOT, TOPS Lab, and other organizations for research, planning, operations, and public information dissemination. . . [Read More]

  • 2013

    Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition

    The Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition collaborates on initiatives that improve cross-regional transportation operations in support of regional economic competitiveness and improved quality of life. . . [Read More]

  • 2013

    TOPS Driving Simulator

    The words virtual reality can conjure images of futuristic, fantasy worlds beyond belief. But technology progresses, the lines between what is real and what is artificially constructed have been blurred in everyday life. Common examples in movies and magazines leave people questioning imagery and saying, "is that real?" In the transportation engineering world, driving simulators have emerged and developed over the last 20 years as a technology to safely study experimental ideas, limited only to the imagination of the researchers. . . [Read More]