University of Wisconsin–Madison

Location and Parking

University of Wisconsin-Madison
College of Engineering

Building / Structure
1Engineering Centers1550 Engineering Drive
2Mechanical Engineering (Simulator)1513 Engineering Drive
3Engineering Research1500 Engineering Drive
4Computer Aided Engineering 1410 Engineering Drive
5Material Science and Engineering 1509 University Ave
6Union South1308 W Dayton Street
7Engineering Hall1415 Engineering Drive
8Camp Randall Stadium1440 Monroe Street
9Wisconsin Institute of Discovery 330 N. Orchard Street
10Computer Science and Statistics 1210 W. Dayton Street
17Parking Lot 171525 Engineering Drive
80Parking Lot 801308 W Dayton Street


Parking available in Lot 17 Parking Ramp and Parking Lot 80 (Union South)
Use side entrance for parking in Lot 17
$2.00 per hour up to $12.00 maximum per day, payable by credit card at exit